The Wizard's Den

by Professor Spellbinder


Imagine, if you will, that you have ushered in a guest to your den and a few minutes later find some excuse as to why you have to leave the room for just a moment.

While you are gone, a book drops to the floor with a bang! Your startled guest has his or her attention drawn to your ornately gothic decorated bookshelf where some skeleton arms seem to be frantically trying to recover the missing book. You return just in time, notice the waving skeletal arms, pick up the book and give it to a skeleton hand, which slides the book back into place. The skeleton arms then fold back up and Rest In Peace. Try to keep a straight face as you resume your conversation with your guest.That's just one of the home parlor effects included in this article. If you don't mind doing some home remodeling to accomplish it in your Wizard's Den, then this will get your mind working overtime. Besides, you can probably write off the whole thing as a home business expense... consult your tax professional.

The Wizard's Den
Home decor articles for
the discerning Witch or Wizard

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