Fade In - Fade Out

by Professor Spellbinder


There is a very old illusion known as Pepper's Ghost, which wowed them in the days before movies and television by being able to make a person fade in and fade out before a live audience. It required a huge stage and large, expensive stuff to make it work. No wonder it isn't seen very often these days.

The Wizard, dressed in white robes (magicians, get out your white dress suits!), is seen on a stage against a black nighttime background of bright glowing stars and moons arching high over his head. When ready to demonstrate the materialization, he unrolls a sheet of colored cellophane. He holds the colored cellophane in front of himself, so all can see its transparent nature. Then he holds it out away from himself to either his left or right side. Suddenly, a person materializes behind the cellophane- fading in as if in a movie. The Wizard drops the cellophane to the floor and holds out his hand to greet the person he has just materialized. Other variations are also described in the article.

Fade In-Fade Out $7.00

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