Dream Catcher

by Professor Spellbinder


After showing his Dream Catcher and relating the legends surrounding it (included with the article), the Shaman uses it to capture some dreams from those seated around the campfire. First he cleanses it with smoke and then holds it above each camper's head to allow it to fill with their dreams. Then he reveals as much of each dream as the camper feels proper, always stopping when the camper feels the Shaman is getting much too personal in his revelations.

For demonstrations on stage, a small campfire can be simulated in a cauldron, using many candles nestled together in the bottom of a fireproof cauldron. A bit of birch bark can be added to create smoke at the proper time, but it should not give off so much smoke and carbon monoxide that your audience will run off on you. Just a touch for atmosphere. Several on-lookers can be seated on the ground around the cauldron, either on small rugs with native designs, or on small pillows.

At the end of the demonstration, the Shaman turns into a Wizard and gives them some good old fashioned entertainment. He shows the campers some large cards containing illustrations or photographs representing various dreams.

For example, one card might have a photograph of a tropical island, another of a famous city like Paris, or a bevy of beautiful women in bathing suits, etc. The cards are mixed up and each camper is asked to select one. Then each camper is asked to devise a pleasant dream for the night ahead based on the subject of the photograph. He or she rises and describes what each intends to dream about in brief detail. When all the campers are standing, they are asked to lift up the rugs or pillows they have been sitting on. Under each one is another card with a single word or brief phrase describing the photo card chosen, i.e. Tropical Paradise, Paris, Bikini Beach, etc. With that the Shaman dismisses them and bids them all "Pleasant Dreams."

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