Flight of the Phoenix

by Jim Gerrish


The Wizard shows a dove in a cage held by his apprentice. Reciting the tale of the Phoenix, the Wizard explains that there are other birds that spontaneously burst into flames and are then regenerated from the ashes, and this white dove is one of those rare birds.

The dove is carefully removed from its cage... carefully because the Wizard suspects its time to burst into flames is very near and he doesn't want to get in harm's way when the time approaches. He places the dove in a special box that has white paper mounted on all four sides.

There is a handle on the bottom of the box so the Wizard can hold it high above his head. Almost as soon as he does so, the paper walls of the box burst into flame and in moments the Wizard shows that the box is empty. The phoenix-bird has vanished.

Well, not quite. There are a few ashes left in the bottom of the box. These the Wizard scoops up with a silver spoon and drops back into the cage that originally held the dove. The apprentice is told to hold the cage high so all may see into it, and when he does so, the dove reappears, completely unharmed by its experience.

Flight of the Phoenix $7.00

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