Dueling Wands

by Professor Spellbinder


This can be presented as a Defense Against the Dark Arts Lesson, and at the same time can be used to deal with an unruly heckler who doesn't believe in magic and wizardry and who wants to take the stage away from you by virtue of his loud voice and bad manners.

The Wizard induces the heckler to join him on stage, and then an apprentice brings out a wooden box, presenting him with a matched pair of dueling wands. The heckler chooses one wand, leaving the other wand for the Wizard. They stand back to back, pace away from one another ... three to five paces, depending on the width of the stage. Then they turn and cast their spells. The heckler is allowed to go first. However, his wand has become all wobbly. The Wizard shouts directions to him in a helpful way, but nothing happens to control the wobbles of the heckler's wand. Now it is the Wizard's turn, and a fireball issues forth from his wand to explode on the floor just behind the heckler. "I missed!" admits the Wizard. "Would you like to try again? Perhaps I can hit you with a fire bolt this time." The wise heckler decides to retire to the audience and behave himself.

Dueling Wands $7.00

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