I Saw What You Did Last Summer!

by Professor Spellbinder


The Wizard has a blank diary that is handed to an on-looker with instructions for the person to flip through all the pages and confirm that the diary is truly blank. The diary has a standard locking flap with a key. This is now locked and the key is given to the on-looker to wear around her neck.

The guardian of the diary is directed to hand it to someone else and as soon as she does, the Wizard begins describing a place that person visited during the previous summer. Each person who is handed the diary is told a little bit about what they did during the summer, and is then asked to hand the diary to someone else. The last person who is handed the diary is asked to return it to the Guardian to have it unlocked.

The diary pages are then flipped through to show that they are still blank, but with the incantation of a spell, the pages are again flipped and it is seen that the diary has writing on a great many pages in a variety of colored inks. Now the Wizard directs the diary to be handed to someone and tells that person (for example) to look on page 23. There the person reads a paragraph or so with greater detail about what they did during the summer, including some secret details from the person's private life. Again, the diary is passed around and the Wizard announces a page number on which more details (even photographs!) can be found as each person takes hold of the diary. Finally, the diary is passed back to the Wizard who incants a spell and flips through the diary to show the pages all empty and blank once again.

I Saw What You Did Last Summer! $7.00

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