Signed Sit on It
By Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

For many years, the Wiz Kids have been performing this great trick exactly the way it was taught to early members of the Wiz Kids who attended one of Karrell Fox’s lectures in 1985. They passed it down to succeeding generations of Wiz Kids, and Wiz Kid Director Fred (Uncle Fred to me!) thought I might like to perform it at a show that I was preparing for. I made some slight changes... like showing the card and signing the card before it disappears from the deck to appear underneath the spectator... in fact, Grandpa Spellbinder told me I had come up with a whole new variation. So I had to sit down and dictate the whole thing to him while he wrote it up for this issue of The Wizards' Journal. I hope you like it and make it (it's very easy to make) and find a use for it in your shows.


I show the audience some other card trick and when it is over, I tell them: “That was nothing! Would you like to see the world’s greatest card trick? (Yes!) It just so happens that we have in our audience today the world’s greatest card magician! Please welcome her with a great big round of applause.”

“Come right up here, (Name). Everyone is so surprised. They never knew that you are the world’s greatest card magician. You are the world’s greatest card magician, aren’t you? Of course you are! Don’t worry, I’ll help you out if you get stuck. I’ll be your beautiful assistant!”

Following the directions given to her by the magician, the "world's greatest card magician" shuffles a deck of cards, has a bunch of cards selected, and from that bunch has one card chosen. This card is shown to the audience and signed. The card is then put back into the bunch and the "world's greatest card magician" proceeds to make it completely disappear from the pack, although she hasn't the slightest idea how it's done. When asked to reveal her secret, she finds, to her (and the audience's) amazement that she has been sitting on the signed card the whole time.

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