Hank, the Ghost Hank
By Professor Spellbinder

Originally marketed in 1958 as “The Solid Ghost” by Dik Van Brummer, it was remarketed in the early 1960s as “Glorpy the Gurkulating Ghost” by Madblood Creations (Bill Madden and Bernie Trueblood).

It has also been called “The Solid Ghost” in 1962, Ireland catalog #17; the “Haunted Hank” in 1974, Guaranteed catalog #1; “Spooky the Spirit Silk” in 1974, Tannen catalog #10; “Spooky Silk” in 1977, Kaye; “Hyram the Haunted Hank” by 1997, Alessini in the Linking Ring; and “Sylvester, The Haunted Hanky” in 1999, in Diamond’s Magic flyer.

None of the other names have “taken” among magicians as solidly as “Glorpy.” If a magician discusses, for example “Hyrum,” and the person with whom he is discussing it gives him a blank look, he will define it as, “You know, Glorpy!” at which point the lights come on and the discussion can continue. Under the name of “Glorpy” it was declared the “Trick of the Millenium” by Genii, the conjurer's magazine. Despite all that, I’m calling mine “Hank, the Ghost Hank” which is very generic and appears not to have yet been taken. You know, Glorpy!

My routines include: the Flapping Fairy, Lucky the Leprechaun, the Abominable Snowman , Easter Bunny, Cupid, Live Mice, Flea Circus, Ghost Claus, Halloween Hauntings and more, but NO Card Tricks! To perform these, I have included several new ways to operate the Ghost Hank, which is central to each of the "plots."

Twenty new ideas for $7.00!

Ghost Hank 1 –Spellbinder’s variation #1
Ghost Hank 2 – Spellbinder’s variation #2
Ghost Hank 3 – Impromptu
Ghost Hank 4 – Invisible Gimmick
Ghost Hank 5 – Superball Gimmick
Ghost Hank 6 – Magnetic Gimmick
Ghost Hank 7 – Long Gimmick

Ghost Hank 8 – Flapping Fairy
Ghost Hank 9 – Leprechaun's Irish Whiskey
Ghost Hank 10 – Pompom Critters with Ghost Hank
Ghost Hank 11 – Abominable Snowman Ghost Hank
Ghost Hank 12 – Ghost Hank and Matching Necktie
Ghost Hank 13 – Ghost Hank D’Lite
Ghost Hank 14 – Ghost Hank Easter Eggs
Ghost Hank 15 – Ghost Hank Candy Kisses from Cupid
Ghost Hank 16 – Ghost Hank Goo
Ghost Hank 17 – Live White Mice or Hamsters with Ghost Hank
Ghost Hank 18 – Ghost Hank Flea Circus
Ghost Hank 19 – Ghost Claus
Ghost Hank 20 – Halloween Hauntings

If you already own a Ghost Hank or one of its many marketed cousins, you are set to go. If not, I show you how to make one. In fact, before you get very far, you'll probably tuck your fancy-schmancy commercial handkerchief into a storage drawer and try making one following the new ideas that are provided in the e-Book. Plenty of sources and resources are also provided to help you along the way.



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