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See-Thru Box
by Jim Gerrish

This $10 transparent Ring Box (source given in the e-Book) can be used for a variety of different effects, from Linking Wedding Rings, to an Ambitious Jumbo Card Color-change Finale, Coin and Handkerchief tricks and many more (included in the e-Book).

Try this: The box has a Jumbo blue-back card folded and placed in it at the start. It sits on the table while you perform some Jumbo Card tricks with a red-back deck of cards. One of the tricks involves a free selection of a red-back Jumbo Card that is signed by the spectator. During the course of the trick, the red-back card disappears. The Transparent Box is opened and the Jumbo blue-back card it contains is unfolded. It is the spectator's chosen card SIGNED and TRANSFORMED into a blue-backed Jumbo Card.

Effects include:

Linking Wedding Rings in See-Thru Box

Ambitious Cards and See-Thru Card Box

Vanishing Silk in the See-Thru Box

20th Century Silks using TWO See-Thru Boxes

Blank Card Silk to Queen of Hearts Silk (or other card of your choice)

Coins in Cloth Bag with See-Thru Box

Simple Coin to See-Thru Box

See-Thru Candy Box

The Monkey's Paw



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