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Curly-Q Silk Tube
by Jim Gerrish

Also known as the "Ultra Silk Tube" this flexible plastic tube, which opens and closes on its own, has been used as a production tube, change tube, and all-purpose switching tube but has never lived up to its full potential, kept down by those cookie-cutter magi who buy it and use it according to directions, rather than by applying the rich history of magical sleights and principles handed down by Ellis Stanyon, John Mulholland, David Devante and others. If all you have been doing is opening it and closing it, without showing both sides, or without handing it to a helper from the audience to open and close, you have no idea of the potential of this clever trick for performing blow dyes, Mis-Made Flag, Dye-version, rope and ribbon effects and more. They are all explained in this e-Book.

Notice from the photo above that you can also produce your items from both ends of the tube, rather than just in one end and out the other. You can also produce a huge six foot silk by opening up the tube and letting the giant silk expode onto the scene all at once.

The materials to make the Curly-Q Tube are available at Dollar Tree for LESS than a dollar! Imagine that!



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