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Coin to Sealed Candy Bag

by Professor Spellbinder

Most items required to make this magic effect are available from: Oriental Trading using exact ordering information given in the e-Book.

Start by awarding a child an "official" I was Caught Being Good plastic coin. Have the child initial one side of the coin and you initial the other side of the coin (or you can apply Halloween stickers and initial those instead). While you hold the coin in your hand, the child freely chooses a bag of candy (like our choice of Super Chewy Gummy Rats shown in the photo) from a basket filled with candy bags. As soon as the choice is made, the coin vanishes from your hand. The child tears open the bag and dumps out the candy to discover the coin, still containing both sets of initials, inside the sealed bag of candy. The child gets to keep the candy and the coin as souvenirs.

For Christmas, you can switch over to Naughty and Nice coins from Oriental Trading Company, as well as find Christmas Candies sealed in bags.



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