Bye, Bye Bunny!
By Ee-Gee-Fiki

Wiz Kid Ee-Gee-Fiki (formerly known as Eleazar Goodenough) has been working on an act with his realistic puppet Bunny-Fiki. The rabbit always turns up missing whenever Ee-Gee-Fiki goes looking for him, so Ee-Gee-Fiki uses magic to make him briefly appear for the audience. Then the rabbit goes back to traveling around the world and disappears again.

Easy Hare-Mail Box construction plans included (several versions), plus instructions for making a Rabbit Vanishing Carrier Cage, and a way to convert a standard cloth Pet Carrier into a Vanishing Rabbit Carrier.

Full Effect:

Ee-Gee-Fiki sets up the Bunny Post Office on a table, shows it empty, and then picks up the Pet Carrier looking for Bunny-Fiki because it’s his turn to perform. The Carrier is empty, but just then the red flag on the side of the Post Office pops up.

Ee-Gee-Fiki lowers the flag and opens the front doors of the Post Office, but all he finds is a postcard from Bunny Fiki showing him lounging on a beach in Hawaii. The message on the card states that Bunny-Fiki will be sending Ee-Gee-Fiki a package.

Each time Ee-Gee-Fiki opens the Post Office, it is seen to be completely empty. The red flag pops up again, and this time Ee-Gee-Fiki finds a small package inside. Opening the package, Ee-Gee-Fiki removes a Hawaiian Lei and a pair of sunglasses.

Now Ee-Gee-Fiki gets worried that Bunny-Fiki has forgotten about the magic show, and decides to put up a “Wanted” poster in the Post Office to bring Bunny-Fiki home. With the help of the kids, he spells “Wanted Bunny-Fiki” on a white board and posts it on the back wall of the Post Office.

To help lure Bunny-Fiki into the Post Office, Ee-Gee-Fiki produces ten or fifteen carrots and places them where Bunny-Fiki can find them. But Bunny-Fiki “eats” the carrots and still doesn’t appear.

Finally Ee-Gee-Fiki gets all the kids chanting “Come Home, Bunny-Fiki!” Suddenly the red flag pops up and when Ee-Gee-Fiki opens the Post Office, he finds Bunny-Fiki wearing a small Hawaiian Lei.

Bunny-Fiki, after a brief bit in front of the audience, is placed in the Pet Carrier. Suddenly the Pet Carrier is turned inside out and upside down to show that once again, Bunny-Fiki is traveling the world. A long, red tissue paper scroll covered with Chinese characters falls out of the Pet Carrier notifying Ee-Gee-Fiki that Bunny-Fiki is on his way to China.

“Don’t worry,” Ee-Gee-Fiki tells the audience, “Bunny-Fiki can take care of himself and he always comes home in time for supper.”



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