The Big Cheese
By Professor Spellbinder


The magician brings out a little cage that contains two live mice, a white mouse and a brown mouse. He sets the cage on his table and promises to introduce the mice to the children in a moment. But first, the magician shows them a yellow box shaped like a slice of Swiss Cheese. It is empty inside and out and when opened, it sits on a triangular base. Now the magician goes back to the cage and opens the top to take out a mouse. Both mice have disappeared!

Suddenly a little mouse peeks through a hole in the Swiss Cheese. The children see the mouse, but every time the magician looks for it, the mouse hides inside the cheese. The cheese is taken apart, and the box and base are shown all around… no mouse. This happens again and again and eventually, TWO mice show up, one brown and one white, each poking out of a different hole in the cheese.

The children see both mice, but the magician can only see one of them whom he introduces as his pet “Trixie Mouse.” He lets Trixie come out of the cheese and brings her up to children to pet her, but she suddenly scampers up his sleeve. The magician can’t find her, so he prepares to put the cheese away, and the children tell him that Trixie is back inside the cheese. Meanwhile, the other mouse is seen crawling across the magician’s shoulders.

After a great deal of mice coming and going, they finally vanish from the cheese and reappear back in the cage, all safe and sound.

The cage makes it perfectly safe to perform with live mice, both for the mice and for the audience, but you may also choose to perform the effect with puppet mice throughout. You provide the live mice (if used) and we show you how to build everything else; the cage, the Big Cheese Box, and the realistic puppet mice that actually go scampering about outside the cage.

This is by the same wicked Wizard who brought you Pom Pom Critters from The Wizards' Journal #13. If you liked that, you love this even more because the children "know" the mice are alive right from the start of the effect. Lots more screaming and hilarity for all!



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