Sub Cube
By Professor Spellbinder and Jim Gerrish

Let me first state that I did NOT invent the Substitution Trunk, nor the Metamorphosis Illusion, nor the original Trunk Escape (J.N. Maskelyne's 1865 Box Trick ) from which all of these (including my Sub Cube) were derived. What I AM guilty of is shrinking the box down to a small 30 inch cube, sticking a hole in the top of the cube through which the top of the bag can be seen at all times, and making other subtle revisions which will be explained in the e-Book.

The effect should be very familiar: The magician is handcuffed, tied inside a cloth bag, locked inside a cubical wooden box, which has a hole in the top through which the top of the bag is pushed. Ropes are tied around the top of the bag and two spectators hold the ends of the ropes at all times. The assistant who ties the magician and locks him in the cube box then hands the key to the padlocks to one of the spectators. The assistant then lifts a curtain frame, which covers the cube on all sides. The assistant jumps up on top of the cube, raises up the curtain and counts to three. On the count of “THREE!” the magician appears on top of the cube. As he jumps off the cube and lowers the curtain to the floor, we see he is dressed in a bright red outfit, not like the one in which he started the trick. The magician gets the key from the spectator and while the spectators untie the rope from the top of the bag, he unlocks the trunk. The trunk is opened, the bag is opened and inside is the assistant, still in handcuffs, and wearing a bright blue outfit that is not the same as the one he wore at the start of the trick. They hold hands with the spectators and all bow to the audience before the spectators are sent back to their seats.

All is explained in the e-Book, including how to perform the costume changes. The box is easily constructed of pine wood for under $100.00. All the pieces are attached with bolts and wing nuts and come apart for transportation in the back seat of a car. The construction and secret of the box is NOT like anything that has been used before. The box may be displayed in the lobby, you can lock a spectator inside and let him try to escape and he will not succeed. The secret operation of the bag is also unlike anything that has been used before.

Use your own handcuffs; the Wiz Kids prefer to use Jay Leslie's thumb stocks either in wood or plexiglass. Also, check out Qua Fiki's Chain Cuffs which are included in his "Escapes For Teens" book.



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