Cats and Dogs

This is based on the "Cute Kittens and ?" routine by the late Terry Burgess, but you make it yourself following our instructions, and you are not limited to just Cats and Dogs.

Three kittens are shown sitting on a fence. Scruffy's kennel is shown and opened but it's empty. Where is Scruffy hiding? When he is found the children watch as he chases the kittens, Huff, Puff and Hughie all around. When all the cards are turned around, which of the cards on the fence is Scruffy? Finally all cards are turned to show that the kittens are safe on the fence but Scruffy is back in the kennel chained up so that he cannot chase them any more. That's the basic effect, but what's missing are the elements Terry Burgess added to make it so entertaining to audiences of very young and not so young children.

Terry Burgess didn't invent the Four Card Monte used in the effect, but he did invent this plot and he did improve the handling of this version of it, and built in laughs and bits of business that children really respond to.

We provide templates for printing out the cards shown in the picture above, but remember, because you are making this yourself, you can change the pictures, change the animals, change the plot, and so on. Suggestions for changes are included. Instructions for building the fence and the dog house frame from wood and hardboard are also included.



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