Force Field
By Professor Spellbinder

Force Field is a special tray for forcing a jumbo to ultra jumbo card from a packet of cards. It can be adapted for regular cards, but there are so many ways of forcing regular sized cards, it is hardly necessary. The effect appears to the audience as follows: You display a packet of 10 to 20 jumbo or ultra jumbo cards, fanning them out to show the cards are different, spread the cards out on the Force Field tray, backs facing up, mix the cards around and allow a spectator to freely choose any one of the face down jumbo cards.

I also include my variation of Percy Naldrett’s Phantom Artist, as a bonus effect, but the tray can be used any time you need to force a jumbo card for whatever routine or reason. The templates for making jumbo cards with Halloween Monsters are also included, but you can easily adapt the effect for almost any theme.

Halloween Routine Effect:

A packet of Halloween Cards is displayed, showing all the different monsters kids might want to be for Halloween. A child is selected to choose one of the cards. The cards are spread out face down on the Force Field Tray and the child then selects any one of the cards, sliding it into an envelope, still face down. From the same envelope, the child removes a blank sheet of paper and hands it to the performer. Then the child holds the envelope and the performer never goes near it again. The performer “goes into a trance,” taken over by the “Phantom Artist.” He begins clipping the blank sheet of paper wildly, snipping and folding and turning it as if controlled by unseen forces. When he finishes, he hands the still folded paper to another child to carefully open. The child holding the envelope removes the chosen card, showing that he picked Frankenstein (for example). The blank paper is carefully opened up and pressed flat on a black felt background to show a cut-out of the selected Halloween character, Frankenstein.

I also describe how to make your own cut-outs from almost any source, and as a purchaser of this effect, you may also request free copies of the large jpg images used in the OM Billet Box effect as well as in this one.

Finally, I describe how to build the Force Field principle into a Table Mate, which can serve both as a table and as a display stand for the final Phantom Artist cut-out.


Presidents ........... Superheroes ........... Movie Stars ..... Celebrities


The cut-out art is free for all purchasers of this effect: past, present and future! These cut-out templates can also be used with my "OM Billet Box Revisited" from the Mini-Mysteries Section also with Phantom Artist Returns from The Wizards' Journal #36.

Make seasonal and theme card sets of your own from these sources:

.......................Presidents......................................Super Heroes...........................Black History



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