Mind-Reading Puppets
By Professor Spellbinder

Here is a collection of Mind-Reading Puppet effects which can be performed with one hand tied behind your back, or stuffed inside a puppet... your choice! The fun is in convincing your audience that the puppet is doing the mind-reading, not you, even if the adults should know better. If you are looking for simple comedy mind-reading scripts, this is not for you. We strive to completely amaze the audience, as well as inject comedy into the proceedings. You may have to build some of the props described; nothing is impromptu.

From Wiz Kid Ozzie (1980) to Bubba, the Mind Reading Rooster (2009)
Wiz Kids have always used puppets and figures in mind reading skits.

Mental Magic Effects include: Color Blind, Hard Choices, Whiteboard Citation, and The Swami Knows All. The effects in this e-Book are all planned for one handed operation, with everything needed within easy reach of the puppeteer/magician. Ventriloquism is optional.

Note: Serious Mental Magicians may prefer to get Whiteboard Citation for Mentalists found in Book 2 of my Mini-Mysteries section. Several variations on the theme are explored including Grant's original Citation effect.

11/27/09 Addendum: Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki has come up with a subtle variation of Whiteboard Citation that eliminates the need for any forcing at all. You can see his presentation in the video below.

or click HERE to see the video on YouTube.



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