Winning at Poker
by Magicbob

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This is a sequel of sorts to my previous gambling-themed effect, Winning at Blackjack. This effect not only provides equal time for Poker, I’ve “upped the ante” by transforming not just one card, but an entire hand (worthy of folding) into a Royal Flush.


The magician fans and/or spreads a deck of cards face up, showing it to be completely normal. He then shuffles and cuts the cards before dealing two hands of poker, one to the spectator and one to himself.

The magician and the spectator show their cards. The spectator is holding a Full House. The magician’s hand is lousy (not even a pair of deuces). He then explains to the spectator that, when a magician is dealt a losing hand, he just deals himself a new one.

The magician “deals” the same five cards he is holding from one hand to the other (never going near the deck). The cards are turned over to reveal that the magician is now holding a Royal Flush!



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