Note: This effect was originally planned for Jim Gerrish's Hardboard and Duct Tape Show Book 2. However, it turns out to be too complicated to be made completely of hardboard and duct tape, so it's not fair to include it with the other easier to build effects of those books. That's why it has been moved to The Wizards' Journal #13, which has articles on effects of varying complexity for builders. Spellbinder

Run, Whatever, Run!

by Jim Gerrish

YOU decide who is on the run and why! The prop is easy enough to build so you can make several and change your theme with the seasons or the occasions. Once again, I will use the coyote and the bird so this trick can be used as a follow-up to the previous tricks from my Hardboard and Duct Tape Magic Show Book 1.

The main difference between this and other versions of Run ??? Run is that there are TWO characters on the run, chasing one another as well as playing hide and seek with you and the audience. They can also hop right out of their prop and peek out of your pockets or from behind other props on your table. In a grand finale, coyote blows himself up (He's OK! It's a cartoon, after all!) and the bird is in the center of a fireworks and flag-waving finish. An alternate non-violent ending has the two characters found hanging on the backs of two helpers from the audience.



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