by Professor Spellbinder

This is the first in a series of effects designed specifically for women magicians. I hope women enjoy them and actually use them. Male magicians might consider teaching these effects to their female magic partners to augment any magical act.

Effect: The woman magician enters and does some opening magic, then turns her attention to her nails. She is wearing bright red nails and matching lipstick. Now, her fingernails begin to lose their red color one by one, returning to their natural color. She waves her hand across her mouth and her bright red lipstick changes (for example) to blue lipstick. Looking at her nails again, she begins to make them magically change to blue, the same color as her lipstick. Finally her nails and lipstick change to the final color (for example pink) that she will wear for the rest of the show.

Many variations on the above effect are possible. Once you know my methods, you could continue to change your lips and nails for every trick, if you wanted to.



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