Winning at Blackjack
by Magicbob

Magicbob is the newest contributor of articles for The Magic Nook and The Wizards' Journal. He has a great many creative ideas, and in the coming months, you will see a great many new effects from him. This effect, Winning at Blackjack, is his first offering. Magicbob is an Independent Author at the Magic Nook, and so he will process your payments for his works and handle delivery and questions on his own, with just a bit of help from the Magic Nook staff. Spellbinder

“On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I was approached by a stranger. This stranger offered to teach me a sure-fire method for winning at Blackjack. The cost of this knowledge was a measly $100. The stranger assured me, however, that armed with this knowledge, I would win many times that at the casino. Being something of a gambling man, I decided to make a wager with the stranger. I took out my deck of cards and asked him to pick a card. I bet him that I could find his card. If I couldn’t, I would pay him the $100. And if I was successful, he would teach me his secret method for winning at the Blackjack table for free. The stranger, figuring he had nothing to lose since I was the only one putting up any cash, eagerly accepted the wager.”

The story above sets the stage for the magician to demonstrate for the spectator how he found the stranger’s card. The spectator freely selects a card (no force) and replaces it. You give the deck several cuts, losing the card somewhere in the middle.

You state that you will use the rules of Blackjack to find his card. You deal one card face-up on the table. You explain that the other card is normally dealt face down, but in order to find the spectator’s card you need to look at it first. You show the card and place it face down on the table. The spectator realizes that the card he just saw placed on the table is his card! But you are oblivious and just keep forging ahead with the trick.

You note the total value of the Blackjack hand on the table and count that many cards off of the deck. You claim that method of “counting cards” will lead you to the spectator’s card. Of course, he probably has a rather smug expression right now because he knows his card is on the table. You reveal the card in your hand and, much to the spectator’s surprise, it is his card.

“What a coincidence,” you say. “That stranger in Vegas picked the very same card. And after I found his card, he showed me the secret to winning at Blackjack every time and it didn’t cost me a cent.”

You then finish your 1-2 punch combination by turning over the card on the table to reveal that it has transformed into the Ace of Spades, resulting in a perfect Blackjack hand for you.

Includes a FREE BONUS EFFECT: “Sudden Death Blackjack.” This Blackjack-themed variation of Dr. Daley’s Last Trick ends in a startling transformation that occurs in the spectator’s hands.



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