Santa's Magic Chimney
By Jim Gerrish and the Wiz Kids

Effect: A Effect: a blank card is shown on both sides and given to a helper “elf” to hold until midnight. Another helper “elf” is given a small wooden fireplace to hold until midnight. To speed things up, the audience raises both of their “clock hands” high into the air to make midnight. As they chime “Ding!” twelve times, the magician places the blank card into the fireplace and they all wait expectantly for the magic of Christmas to happen. When nothing seems to happen, the magician asks the helper “elf” who was holding the fireplace to remove the blank card and give it back to the other helper elf. That’s when they discover that Santa Claus has already visited them and left his picture behind on the back of the card to prove it.

At this point you can combine this effect with a production of the “Christmas Presents” from my “Chimney Screen” or from any other production devices you may have.

Make it yourself from hardboard and pine molding.



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