Dragon Potions
By Magicbob

Effect: The wizard displays four cards, each depicting a different colored potion bottle (dragon potion). The wizard pours the red potion into his cauldron. The cards are shown again and the red potion has been replaced by an empty bottle (or a picture of simmering cauldron, your choice). But no dragon appears. So the wizard pours the blue potion into the cauldron. When the cards are displayed again, now the blue potion bottle is empty. Still no dragon. This process is repeated for the purple and green potions. But each time a potion is used, it has no effect... no dragon appears. The Wizard realizes that he has forgotten to recite the necessary incantation. He needs to look up the spell in his library. The cards are shown again and each has a "Book of Spells" on it. The wizard finds the spell he needs and recites it. The cards are flipped over to reveal that the four potion bottles have now been replaced by four different colored dragons.

BONUS: Includes an alternate “Mismade Dragon” ending. The four potion bottles are emptied one at a time as usual. But when the wizard recites the dragon conjuring spell, the results are highly unexpected. Since the four different colored potions were all mixed into the cauldron, the four dragons are all mixed up. The wizard promptly casts another spell to straighten out the situation. Four different dragons are subsequently revealed.

Includes templates for printing out the cards needed on your computer; regular Poker card size; Jumbo card size; and extra large 5" by 7" size.



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