Pop-Out Hamburger
By Eleazar Goodenough

This is NOT the version performed by Cyril Takayama. That version was performed at a restaurant from a large poster menu, and was designed to be seen by a television audience.

This is Eleazar's own original method of pulling a real hamburger from a laminated menu that can be performed almost anywhere; stage, parlor, birthday party show, etc.

Effect: At the beginning, the menu shows a picture of a hamburger, some french fries, along with some other tasty sandwich choices.

The magician tugs on the hamburger in the photo and removes it, leaving only a blank space where the photo used to be. The magician takes a bite out of the hamburger, proving that it is not a dream but the real thing. Then he pulls a french fry from the menu photo and eats that, too, leaving another blank space on the photo.

Next, the hamburger is returned to the menu and becomes just a photo once more (with a bite taken out of the photo). The french fry has been devoured, so the blank space remains permanently empty.

The menu is then handed to a spectator to choose one of the delicious deserts on the back. The choices are between an ice cream cone, a hot fudge sundae or an ice cream cup. The chosen desert then is pulled from the menu and given to the spectator as a treat, leaving a blank space where the photo once was.

Make it yourself, following Eleazar's illustrated directions and photographs.



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