Eisenheim’s Ghost
By Jim Gerrish

Ever since watching the movie “The Illusionist,” I was intrigued by the challenge of producing a spirit as suggested by the movie, a half body resting on a table. I am calling my result after the name of the principal character in that movie, The Illusionist himself, Eisenheim.

In my version, the illusionist builds a frame on the tabletop and fits it all around with windows supposedly from a haunted house. Inside this completely transparent frame, a ghostly half body slowly and visibly appears, moves its hands and arms, speaks, and otherwise convinces the audience that it is a real apparition. While it is manifesting itself, the windows are removed from the framework, leaving only the frame itself. At the conclusion, after the apparition has dissolved back into nothingness, the frame and even the table are disassembled in full view of the audience and put back into a storage crate for safe keeping.

This is something you can rough together quickly for use this Halloween as a porch illusion or haunted house attraction, and then refine it later for a regular attraction all year around.



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