Telematic Prediction Box Revisited
By Professor Spellbinder

In Al Mann's Pandora's Box manuscript, he writes of a Telematic Prediction box put out by a Dr. "B" in 1958. I found flaws with the original box and worked them out in this variation. The article also describes how to make a special mentalists' gimmick and other uses for it.

Effect: Show your business card, front and back. Have a spectator write his name across the back of the card, but leaving space for you to write your predictions. Then you take the card and write predictions on the back of the card in the space left by the spectator.

Have the box unlocked by the spectator (who can handle the box freely). The spectators see you place the signed card inside the box, and relock the box.

Various people in the audience are asked to call out the last four digits of a phone number (for example), the name of a city, a four letter word, the name of a playing card, or anything else that you choose.

The spectator unlocks the box, removes the card and verifies that their signature is still on the back of the card. Then they read your highly accurate predictions aloud. Take your applause and bow.



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