Routine by Frederick Goode
Article written by Professor Spellbinder

Effect: Telling stories of famous modern metal benders, the restaurant performer offers to demonstrate with a fork picked up from any table. First he shows how to make the fork wobble and seem to bend… but that’s just an optical illusion. Then he uses brute force to physically bend a fork in half, and magic to straighten it back out again.

While spectators examine the fork to see if they can find evidence that it was ever bent, the performer takes another fork and this time causes it to bend on its own in the center. It’s no optical illusion, because the fork then breaks at the bend and both halves drop onto the table.

Pretending that a waiter is hunting him down and ready to evict him from the restaurant for damaging forks, the performer tries to set things right by restoring the broken fork, but instead, out of his hand rolls a ball of metal that looks suspiciously like a fork that has been through hell and returned completely deformed.

Quick! Cover it with a napkin! The waiter is coming! The performer leaves in a hurry, but when the guests at the table uncover the ball of metal, they find only a plain ordinary fork.



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