Clear Clipboard Prediction
By Professor Spellbinder

The basic effect is clearly not new. What IS new is the method for accomplishing it in a way that only requires inexpensive supplies from your local Staples or Office Depot (or use my on-line suggested sources).

The effect is based on a routine called “Clearly Mental” by Tony Spina and others, the roots of which go back to Aldini’s “Improved Slate of Mind” and various other reincarnations including Jim Gerrish’s “Off and Running.” How it plays out using my method is as follows.

The Magic Mentalist shows two sets of five Zenner Design ESP Cards. One set of cards has normal faces and backs, with each of the five designs represented. The other set of cards has identical face designs on both the front and back of the card. (You print these out yourself using your own computer OR you can buy and use commercial ESP cards if you prefer.)

The Mentalist also displays a transparent clipboard that has been fitted with elastic straps to hold the two sets of cards. (Easy to make!) The Mentalist takes the first set of cards and places them on the clipboard under the straps to the left. As he places each card, he “concentrates on the future” and attempts to predict where the spectator chosen will place his set of identical cards.

The Mentalist’s cards can be seen by the audience at all times once they have been placed, since the board is transparent. They can only see the backs of his cards, but they will know if he attempts to move any of his cards.

Now the spectator takes the double faced cards, after verifying that each card has the same design on both front and back. The first card is handed to the Mentalist and the spectator tells him where to place it on the right side of the clipboard. The audience can see the design on the Spectator’s card right through the board and the mentalist gives the spectator chances to change the positions of his or her card choices.

Once all five of the Spectator’s cards have been placed according to the Spectator’s wishes, the board is turned around and the audience can plainly see that the Mentalist’s predictions match the Spectator’s placements card for card.

I provide you with Zenner Design templates so you can print out your own ESP cards for the effect, and all the instructions needed to bring this Mental Magic Prediction to life.



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