The Wizard's Den

by Professor Spellbinder


Electricity has always been in the domain of the Wizard, along with chemistry and magnetism and a whole lot of things we call today "science." Run your fingers over the surface of the glass globe and the trails of colorful static electricity will follow them. Press your whole palm against the globe and it looks as if all the power is being drawn into your hands... a useful idea for setting the stage.

Now have a Tarot or regular card chosen from a deck by a third party. You hold hands with the "mark" over the electronic crystal ball and ask the "mark" to stare into it for clues about the chosen card. In a few moments, the electrostatic lightning forms up like this:

The third party confirms that the chosen card was indeed the Two of Hearts, or Seven of Wands, or whatever you are serving up that day. Since you are making the gimmick yourself, YOU decide! The electronic "crystal ball" comes from Target ($19.95) or Spencer Gifts, etc..

The Wizard's Den
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the discerning Witch or Wizard

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