Magnetic Personality

by Professor Spellbinder


This most ancient of magical presence detectors is NOT the genuine Egyptian scrying bowl (made in China and purchased at the dollar store!) shown in the photo above.

It is that tiny sliver of metal floating in water in the bowl ... a magnetized steel needle stuck through a piece of Styrofoam. In other words, a magnetic compass. Curiously enough, although the sphinxes which carry it did not originate in China, the compass apparently did, where it was used to guide caravans through the deserts and steppes of Asia for hundreds of years before being "rediscovered" by Europeans. This is just some background information to help you weave your tale of truths and deceptions before the demonstration.

The deception comes when you discuss how some people are said to have "magnetic personalities." Is this truth or fiction? You claim it is true and that you should be able to prove it by locating someone among the onlookers with just such a magnetic personality.

As the onlookers one by one place a hand over the compass, you decide which ones have magnetic personalities by the effect they have on the compass. Most people will have no effect whatsoever. Others will have such a strong magnetism about them that the compass needle spins wildly. It's all under your control, or rather, controls.

It can also be done using an ordinary magnetic compass as described in the article.

Magnetic Personality $7.00

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