Feather Flight

by Professor Eleazar Goodenough


Many Muggle children have a talent for wizardry, but don't know it. This little levitation test sometimes brings it out of them. On a long table, I have five wooden wands. I ask which children would like to be tested for wizardry or witchcraft and select five of them. I always try to choose a very little child as one of the five. The first test is to have each child select a wand, or rather, see if the wands will select them. One by one, each child goes up to the wand table and holds out his hand over the various wands. If a wand is attracted to the child, it will jump or wiggle about. Soon each wand has selected a child except for the very littlest child. I help the smallest child hold out his or her hand over the wands, maybe even by lowering the table down to the child's height. When the child holds out a hand over the last remaining wand, it leaps into the air.

Now the children are each given a feather. I usually ask them if they have seen the first Harry Potter movie and if they know the magic words to levitate a feather. Many of the children will answer "yes," and they usually know the words "Wingardium Leviosa!" They all use their wands to try to levitate their feathers, without much success. However, the youngest child manages to make the feather flutter up into the air, and suddenly it takes off and flies right off the stage, where an apprentice grabs it and returns it to the child as a souvenir of the experience.

Feather Flight $7.00

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