Ultraviolet Dove

by Professor Spellbinder


The Wizard talks about invisibility, recalling the famous cloak of invisibility of legend, and as seen in the Harry Potter movies. "I don't have the whole cloak," says the Wizard, "but a cousin of a friend of the brother in law of the best friend of the wizard who made that cloak picked up a piece of the material from the sewing room floor, and here it is."

The Wizard displays a filmy piece of cloth. "It's just big enough to cover a turtle or a frog," said the Wizard. "Did any of you remember to bring a turtle or a frog to the show with you?" Of course, none of the children have. "How about a toad?" No toads. "A bird?" No birds. "Wait!" says the Wizard. "I'll just use my wand and make one appear. What shall it be... a slimy frog or a nice white dove?" The Wizard isn't counting the votes, so he decides that a nice white dove is what's needed, and proceeds to produce one by his favorite methods. If you don't yet have a favorite method, keep checking The Wizards' Journal from time to time and eventually one will show up. If you're in a hurry, try the Encyclopedia of Dove Magic.

Once the dove has made its appearance, the Wizard shows a perch mounted on a table. "Just a minute," says the Wizard. "I'll make it easier for you to see the dove." He takes a piece of black velvet (or felt) and tacks it (VelcroŽ) to the back of the perch. Now when the dove is placed on the perch, it makes a sharp contrast of the white dove against the black background.

"It has recently been discovered that the cloak of invisibility has one weakness," says the Wizard. "It can be seen under ultraviolet light - what we commonly call 'Black Light.' I'll show you."

He places an ultraviolet light tube on the front of the table and turns it on. Now when he holds the piece of cloak up to the ultraviolet light, it glows brightly. He holds the cloak with both hands and lowers it in front of the dove. The dove disappears behind the cloak wherever it covers him, just as you would expect an invisibility cloak to do. After demonstrating the power of the cloak to render invisible whatever it covers, he completely covers up the dove with it. Under the ultraviolet of the lamp, we see the outline of the cloak, but not the dove beneath. Now the Wizard turns off the ultraviolet light and turns on a regular white light. Now nothing can be seen on the perch, neither cloak nor dove.

"Let me see if I can get him to prove he's still there, but invisible," says the Wizard. He takes a stalk of millet seeds and holds it in front of the perch, where it appears to be pecked at by an invisible dove.

"I'll tie a ribbon around his neck," says the Wizard, "but on the outside of the invisibility cloak. The ribbon will be visible but the dove will remain invisible." He does so. Suddenly the ring of ribbon takes off from the perch and flies high overhead. The Wizard chases after it with a portable ultraviolet light but cannot catch it. Then the ribbon dives back towards the perch and it seems the invisible dove has come back to it. The wizard sneaks up on it from behind and suddenly whips away the cloak of invisibility, revealing the dove once again on the perch. The Wizard rewards it with some millet seeds before continuing, perhaps to transfigure the dove into a pair of gloves as described in the article below this one.

Ultraviolet Dove $7.00

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