Charmed, I'm Sure!

by Professor Spellbinder


The Wizard shows his collection of charms... good luck charms like a rabbit's foot, horseshoe, four leaf clover... bad luck charms like a broken mirror, black cat, tombstone ... protection charms like a chain of garlic, crosses, pentacle ... and love charms like hearts, Cupid's arrows, and flower petals. The Wizard also shows some computer printed business cards on which he has printed symbols or pictures of the charms, and another set of cards on which he has printed phrases describing the types of charms "Good Luck," "Bad Luck," "Protection Charm," and "Love Charm." All of these cards are mixed together thoroughly and spread out onto a table. Three people from the audience each choose a charm from one of the four groups. For example, onlooker "A" chooses a horseshoe charm from the Good Luck charms. The Good Luck charms are put aside and onlooker B chooses (for example) Cupid's Arrow from the Love Charms. The Love Charms are retired and the final onlooker "C" chooses (for example) the pentacle charm for Protection. Now a fourth onlooker is selected randomly from the audience and that person's job is to slide two face down cards from the table over to an open space on the table top, where the Wizard picks up the two cards, places them in a coin envelope and hands them to one of the spectators without looking at the cards. Two more cards are placed in an envelope for spectator "B", and two more cards for spectator "C."

Now to see if the charms really work, says the Wizard. He asks onlooker "A" to open her envelope. She chose the horseshoe charm and inside the envelope she finds two cards- one with a picture of a horseshoe, and the other card simply says "Good Luck!" Similarly, each spectator finds a picture of the chosen charm and the word phrase that matches it inside each envelope.

Charmed, I'm Sure! $7.00

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