Happy Birthday

by Professor Spellbinder



The Astrologer displays twelve large cards which show each of the twelve signs of the zodiac (and the names for those who are unfamiliar with the signs). After mixing up the cards, an onlooker freely draws six cards from the pack, showing each card to the audience as it is drawn. The card is handed to the Astrologer, who, when he has collected six, mixes them thoroughly and places each of the six cards with their backs facing out around a circular chalkboard which is marked with mystical astrological calculations. The Astrologer uses a pointer to tap the back of each of the six chosen cards. The onlooker is requested to call out "Stop!" whenever she chooses. The card that is under the pointer when she does so is then transferred to the other side of the chalkboard where it sticks out of the top. The entire chalkboard is then turned around to face the audience. This is what they see:


"Is that you?" asks the Astrologer to the astounded on-looker. "Is your sign Leo?" She nods.

"Is your birthday ....(here he inserts her birthday)?"

Again he is correct. Suddenly a lit candle appears in the Astrologer's hand and he announces to Janet that she is now entitled to an extra Birthday wish in honor of the occasion. She blows out the candle and the Astrologer sends her back to her seat with a brief horoscope reading rolled up in a scroll.

Happy Birthday $7.00

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