Ghost Rope

by Professor Spellbinder


As a fan of the Harry Potter novels, I wanted to include mention of one of my favorite characters in the stories... Nearly Headless Nick, who prefers to be called "Sir Nicholas." This demonstration will help demonstrate the "reality" of the spirit world by calling up his "ghost."

While relating the tale of Nearly Headless Nick to those of your audience who may not be familiar with him (probably all the adults), you pick up a rope which has been knotted into a hangman's noose and hold it loosely in your hands. You tell the story of how Sir Nicholas came to the aid of one of his relatives who was being hanged for some petty offense against the King, by cutting the noose at the moment of his hanging, thus allowing his lucky relative to fall to the ground and escape unharmed. As you speak, you show that the end of the noose has indeed a severed appearance.

"Now I know that some of you don't believe in ghosts, you continue, but that is all right. Sir Nicholas has confided that he doesn't always believe in you, either, so you are even. However, he has offered to show us how he saved his hapless relative from hanging. Are you ready, Sir Nicholas? Try not to cut my fingers off, please! " As you say this, you hold up the rope and it is suddenly severed in two by some invisible means.

At this point, you can separate the pieces of rope, showing that it has actually been cut into two separate pieces, just for the doubters among your company. Thank Sir Nicholas for his demonstration and tell the group that you will have to restore this priceless relic before the Keeper of Antiquities discovers what you have been doing with it. You hold both pieces of rope in your fist and tap the ends with your wand. There is a flash of fire and the rope drops free, fully restored to its former condition... that is, all in one piece again. You carefully wrap it up and put it away for return to the museum later.

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