I Scry

by Professor Eleazar Goodenough


Scrying simply means to see with the mind, usually things that are hidden or secret, and sometimes things that have not yet occurred. The Scryer often uses various material objects to allow his or her mind to focus on what is being sought. Unlike divining, where a person actively goes after something being sought, the scryer tries to do it all sitting down. Therefore, the focus objects will be things like crystal balls, tea leaves, mirrors and ink. This is a demonstration that uses a mirror and some ink.

For purposes of the demonstration, the scryer creates a "lost object." The easiest thing to "lose" is a playing card in the middle of a deck of cards. So the scryer has a person choose a card, and the card is lost by cutting it somewhere into the middle of the deck of cards.

Now the scryer demonstrates the art and science of scrying with mirror and ink. A plain inexpensive hand mirror is shown and allowed to be handled by the person who lost the object. The mirror is placed on the table. Then the scryer takes a bottle of black ink and with an eye-dropper, drops some ink on the mirror. The ink begins to form numbers and letters on the mirror as the scryer rocks it back and forth. For example, the following might form on the mirror: 7C 23

The person who lost the card is asked if the card is the Seven of Clubs, and he agrees that it is. The person is then told to count down 23 cards into the deck, and the next card that is turned over is the Seven of Clubs!

If you prefer using a Tarot deck, the lost card could just as easily be the Seven of Cups, etc.

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