The Halloween Magic Storybook

by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

Halloween is a great time of the year for both magic and stories, and my Halloween Magic Storybook has both.

Effect: As with all my Magic Storybook effects, the main attraction is a book filled with blank pages. When character cards are randomly chosen by members of the audience, the characters appear on a new page as the story unfolds page by page until finally a “THE END” card is chosen and that ends the story.

What’s new to my Halloween Storybook is the way the cards are chosen. Cards depicting Halloween scenes and monsters are dropped into a plastic bucket or cauldron, trick or treat bag, etc. Each card has been fitted with a metal paperclip. A member of the audience (it may be a different person for each choosing) drops in a fishline with a magnet on the end. One of the cards is pulled up out of the bucket, the metal paperclip having been attracted to the magnet. Although the cards are shuffled again and again between each selection, the choosing is actually a Consecutive Force which will be explained in the e-Book.

At the end, the book is rolled up and a stream of wrapped candies (or small toys) pours forth into the hands of your helpers. The book can be given to one of the helpers at the end, or donated to the school library, etc.

As with all my Storybook effects, you print out the books and cards with your own computer printer. Photo paper is recommended for some of the printing, but you can also use card stock and even plain paper. You make all the other necessary props yourself following instructions in the e-Book.

This e-Book introduces a new concept that I call the Consecutive Force and a new principle for acomplishing the force.



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