The Magic Storybook
by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

My Magic Storybook is all about Super Heroes, but there is no reason why you can't make a Magic Storybook about almost anything; Animals, Clowns, Cartoon Characters, Robots, and so on. One thing the Magic Storybook is NOT; it is NOT the coloring book in another disguise. The effect and the method of operation are completely different.

Effect: The magician shows a Storybook, with every page blank. He then shows some playing cards. They could be animal cards, circus cards, or in our case, Super Hero cards. Each card has a picture of a different Super Hero on it. The deck is given to someone to shuffle and then it is placed in an envelope that allows only one card to be removed at a time.

A card is removed from the envelope and shown to be, for example, Spiderman. The Storybook is flipped open and only one page has a picture with text. The story has begun! The magician reads the story that starts with the picture of Spiderman. When he comes to the end of the text, another card is drawn. Let’s say it is Batman. Suddenly another page appears in the storybook. The story continues, telling how Spiderman teamed up with Batman to solve a mystery. According to the story, one of the super heroes is missing, but the page ends there. So another card is drawn and it is, for example, an Ironman card. When the book is opened again, a new page has appeared and the story continues. Ironman is the missing super hero and Batman and Spiderman need help to find him.

And so it goes. Each time a new card is pulled from the box, the super hero appears in the book and the story includes each super hero in the manner determined by the draw of the cards.

At the end of the story, the last card drawn is the “THE END” card, and the last page of the book now has been imprinted with a big “The End.”.

Since you print up the book on your computer printer, you can, if you wish, give the completed storybook away after reading the story. You can also personalize the story by including the birthday “hero” as one of the characters in the book.

As mentioned above, you can make this effect on a variety of themes, so it is not just limited to super heroes. You make all the cards yourself, plus the magic envelope, and the magic storybook itself.

Also, since you make this yourself, you can make the story come out differently each time you perform it. For example, one time you might start with Spiderman, and the next time Batman appears in the story first.



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