Stepladder Revenge

This one is a Qua-Fiki original! You may have heard of the Assistant's Revenge, but this time the Escape Artist gets revenge on his assistant who has been tying him up, or helping others to tie him up all during the show.

Qua-Fiki found an inexpensive six-foot step ladder at Home Depot, and also purchased a cargo net so the ladder could be transported on the top of almost any car if the Wiz Kid van was not available.

All you need is the stepladder, a curtain, some ropes, glue and that secret something that Qua-Fiki reveals for the first time. The stepladder does not need to be gimmicked in any way and can be used as a normal stepladder between engagements. The parts that need to be built are easily made in the kitchen with scissors and glue. All told, the cost was under $100.00, but Qua-Fiki's magic e-Books and shows have been doing quite well, so he decided it was worth the investment.

Effect: The assistant ties the Escape Artist to the side of a folding aluminum stepladder. His wrists are tied to the side bars using ordinary single ropes, and then his legs are spread far apart and tied to the bottom on each side of the stepladder. Finally his neck is tied to the top portion of the stepladder. Spectators can help with all this tying, if you wish. The assistant brings out a cloth cover and climbs up the ladder holding up the cover to hide the Escape Artist. Quicker than you can say "Houdini!" the Escape Artist is now up on the ladder holding the cover, and when he lets it drop, the assistant is discovered tied to the stepladder just the way the Escape Artist was tied a few moments before. The knots are intact, and as each rope is untied to release the assistant, it is flung out into the audience so they can see it is just ordinary rope. A great mystery as well as a great escape.



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