Lumberjack Straitjacket

Most teens don't have access to things like straitjackets without getting adults in a tizzy. Here's a straitjacket that you improvise on the spot from a tough lumberjack shirt that's much too big for you, and lots of duct tape. It seems the lumberjack who last wore the shirt left some things behind that reveal themselves during the escape, turning this into a comedy act as well as an escape.

If you want to do this as a challenge and can afford to buy two or three oversized lumberjack heavy-duty shirts (about $20 from a source that we provide just in case you can't find them at your local Wal-Mart), you could have several kids or even young adults all wrapped up with duct tape the same way you see Qua-Fiki in the photo above. You manage to get out in a minute or so, but they will still be struggling and will have to be cut out with scissors (cutting only the duct tape- no damage to the shirt except for wear and tear from the struggling spectators!).

Qua-Fiki reveals his techniques and escape secrets, but understand that since spectators wrap you up, it can sometimes become a real struggle to escape. None-the-less, by knowing the basic principles involved, you will eventually escape, and by tossing out the comedy items that you find inside the straitjacket from time to time, will keep the audience interested and laughing from start to finish!



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