Wonder Dog

Super Hero Qua-Fiki shows off his pet Wonder Dog. Wonder Dog also has some super powers, but you'll have to buy the routine to find out what they are. All I can say is that both you and your audiences of all ages will enjoy this wonderful and very funny puppet dog routine.

Qua-Fiki attended David Ginn's KidBiz Live Workshop in Rutland, Vermont this year and brought home one of David's English Sheep Dog Arm Puppets. While watching the lecture, Qua-Fiki kept imagining the dog with super powers that he could demonstrate to the audience. By the time Qua-Fiki got back to New Jersey with the puppet, he had the entire routine worked out in his notebook. It bears little resemblance either to David Ginn's routine or to British magician Jeremy LePoidevin’s routine. You don't need David's Magical Sheep Dog Arm Puppet, but if you want it, you'll find it HERE. You can really use any puppet for the routine, changing the jokes to fit the style of puppet you are using.

During the course of the script (included) Wonder Dog performs the following tricks:

1. Demonstrates super strength with a "tug of war" (rope trick) pitting Wonder Dog against two strong kids from the audience.
2. Catches a fairy to get fairy dust for flying.
3. Fills up a balloon with "giggles."
4. Uses his doggy sense of smell to locate his food (similar to the trick David Ginn sells with his Sheep Dog, but with an added twist of an ending where the dog actually gets to eat the food).

Templates to print out the new trick food cards are included, as well as instructions for performing all the Wonder Dog tricks.

Wonder Dog by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki from James Gerrish on Vimeo.



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