Super Hero Rope Routine

This rope routine is what started Qua-Fiki's quest for Super Hero magic. He had been working on a magic rope routine and was looking for a theme to tie all the rope effects together. At the same time, he was getting ready to perform at FREE Comic Book Day in South Orange (2009) and found a generic Super Hero costume at one of the stores there. Suddenly he had discovered his theme- super hero magic with each of his rope effects demonstrating another super hero power. He explains his routine from beginning to end in this e-Book, all except the part where he transforms himself from Dress Suit Qua-Fiki to Super Hero Qua-Fiki, which you can read all about in the Quick Change Phone Booth e-Book : QF02-06.

The routine shows Qua-Fiki's methods for performing four separate rope effects, which could be used as stand alone effects, but which he ties together into this demonstration of his "Super Hero Powers." All you need is a single length of rope for the entire routine. He describes how to make any necessary gimmicks and prepare the rope.

1. Invisible Man on the Loose*
2. Pop Up Head (Rope through neck)*
3. Super Speed Bow plus Super Teeth
4. Super In and Out Rope Escape*

* These ropes effects are demonstrated in the Video below:



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