The Invisible Man Strikes Again!

This effect uses a variation of The Invisible Wand by Larry West and Al Cohen, with moves by Shigeo Futagawa and Francis Carlyle. Qua-Fiki has some pictures of famous super heroes, but that mischief maker, the Invisible Man, has made them all invisible, like himself. Qua-Fiki shows all the cards blank on both sides as he searches for the card containing a photo of the Invisible Man. At last it turns up, but of course it looks as blank as the other six cards. By applying "Logical Magic" to the problem, Qua-Fiki finally makes the super heroes show up. Then he proceeds to show the greatest super-hero of them all on the last card... himself! As an added optional bonus (not shown on the video) the Invisible Man can also appear on the blank card, if you wish.

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