No Fishing - Go Fishing

This is a last minute chapter addition to the e-Book, based on the effect “Invisible Wand” by Larry West, Al Cohen and Shigeo Futagawa. Here is my Go Fish variation with a lot of help from everyone here at The Magic Nook and in The Wiz Kids.

Effect: Seven cards are shown to be blank on both sides. One of the cards is said to be a magic card. It is waved over another blank card and when the card is turned over, it now contains a sign which says, “No Fishing!” With a second wave of the wand, the “N” changes to a “G” so the sign now reads “Go Fishing!” and then the magic begins to affect all the other blank cards. Each blank card is turned over and is shown to now contain a picture of different colored fish. Finally, the blank card you have been waving in the air is turned over and reveals the name of the world’s greatest fisherman… you!

The effect is easy to make and perform on all sizes of cards, from small to Ultra Jumbo Stage Size. Best of all, there are no complicated sleights to learn. I have also worked out a couple of new methods of magically changing the signs on the cards and doing away with the extra card included with the original Invisible Wand effect.



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