Go Fish Card Boxes

Regular Card Box templates are included with each of the above individual chapters when sold separately so you will have a place to collect the various packets that make up a complete deck of Go Fish Cards.

This chapter gives you even more card box templates and explains even more effects that you can perform by making special versions of the Go Fish Card Box. You can also use these same ideas with any playing card boxes to make, for example, a deck switching box, boxes to add or remove cards from a deck, boxes to merge card magic with kid show effects, merging card magic with silk magic, and more. This e-Book also contains Qua-Fiki's ideas and handling for Edwin Hooper's Doodit Box when transformed into a playing card box.

Caution: you may never think of a card box as just a container for cards anymore!

Includes templates and directions for making the Double-Face Card Box, the Flip-Flop Card Box, the Divided Card Box, Card Box Tubes and, just for good measure as a stand-alone e-Book, you also get the Regular Card Box included with each of the other chapters that require card boxes.



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