School Fish

This e-Book has several routines where individual fish eventually gather together into schools.

Fish Families is based on Rabbit Test, by Martin Lewis, from the book Martin's Miracles by Eric C. Lewis (1985). Instead of rabbits, we use my Go Fish Cards. Four blank cards suddenly are shown to change to four blue fish cards, which just as suddenly become filled up with schools of baby fish on three of the cards and the Blue Fish ends up with his pink fish mate on the last card.

Go Fish Blendo is, as far as I know, completely original. Fish from individual cards gather together on a separate card.

Widdle Fithies is my version of Larry West’s 1974 Eight Ball packet trick in which smaller versions of the fish we have been using appear on blank cards, then disappear and reappear together in a school of fish on one card.

My Wiz Kid brother, Ee-Gee-Fiki, helped demonstrate some of the tricks in the photos for my book. Many others in The Wiz Kids helped me test the tricks and make sure my directions were clear.

Templates are included for all of the effects, both in regular card size and in the large card sizes seen in the photos. I also include templates for a regular and large card box in which to carry your cards.



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