This e-Book contains THREE separate packet tricks that can be combined together, or with other effects from the Go Fish Deck.

#1 - The Lucky Fisherman, based on Al Cohen's Dots Impossible, teaches the young fisherperson how to find fish in a stream of blank cards that looks completely empty, but before the end, stocks up with enough fish to feed everyone.

#2 - Before you can Catch-A-Fish, you have to have a Fishing Badge (or license). Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki shows you how to follow the fish to get the badge. This is based on ideas by George Hills and Edwin Hooper (Bunny Badge).

#3 - Catch-Up! is based on Shiego Futagawa's Catch That Tiger, but with Qua-Fiki's simplified moves that make it a snap to learn. The story this time is about fish catching fish.



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