Fish Fry

OK, I’ve been avoiding this one long enough. It’s time to cook up one of these fish cards and see how they taste. But the fish chosen has plans of its own.


A fish card is chosen from among the seven colored fish cards with backs. It is placed in a small see-through fish-net wallet which is pinned to your jacket like a badge and which represents a fry basket. A flash of fire (if allowed) or just a magic spell and the net drops open to reveal that the colored fish card has changed into a tasty fried fish. The card is removed and the net can be shown empty. A spectator is asked to sniff the card to see if it smells good enough to eat. It is agreed that the card simply smells like cardboard. That’s because the clever card fish jumped back into the deck and substituted a fake cardboard fish just before the fire (or magic spell) was applied. The cards are fanned and there he is among his friends in the school of fish.

Two versions of the See-Thru Badge are included, one in fish-net form and one as ordinary as a plastic convention badge; "Hello, My Name Is...." Several versions of fried fish are also included for those who like options.



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