Go Fish Mind Control

Based on the old “Mind Control” card trick, here is Qua-Fiki's version of the old classic performed with his Go Fish Cards.

“I’m going to control your mind and make you choose one of these little fish that I want you to choose,” says the magician. “Furthermore, I’m willing to bet a buck that I can do it!” He takes a dollar from his pocket or wallet and places it on the table. Then he fans out the seven colored fish cards and has three selected. He shows the three cards front and back… nothing unusual about them. The cards are placed on the table face up. Let’s assume the fishes on the cards are green, red, and blue. Now he picks up the fishing pole that was used in the Go Fish Derby and uses it to pluck a thought from his mind and cast it over to the spectator’s mind.

“Name one of the three cards,” says the magician. “You will choose the fish I want you to choose. You are under my complete control!”

No matter what card the spectator names, the magician proves that he knew the card would be chosen. On the back of the card chosen by the spectator (for example the Red Fish Card) is the handwritten message from the magician: "Last night I dreamed you would choose the RED FISH." None of the other cards have messages written on the backs... only the one chosen by the spectator... every time! Unlike the former Mind Control effect, you can perform this again after some time has gone by, and the spectator has a truly random and free choice of any of the seven color fish cards. At the end, even though you won the bet, you offer the spectator the dollar and he only then discovers that it is a fake containing your contact information, which he is sure to use on others as a joke, thus passing around your contact information at the same time! Pretty Sneaky!

A Two Card Monte effect with Fish Cards is included, since it uses some of the same card gimmicks. Templates for printing out the cards in both regular playing card size and a larger size are included. A template for printing the phony bucks is included. There are also templates for printing our regular size and large size card boxes in which to keep your Go Fish cards.



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