Go Fish Derby
By Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

This is one of Qua-Fiki's original ideas, not based on any previous packet tricks. Using a toy fish pole, which has a magnet on a string, kids fish for colored fish cards from a plastic tray “pond.” They are all trying to get the “BIG” fish, but only succeed in getting the smaller colored fish. The performer has predicted every color fish chosen in advance but the BIG fish always gets away – it changes to a card showing a dangling hook and a worm.

As an optional finale, the performer may make a small fish bowl containing a live goldfish (or toy animated plastic fish) appear in the middle of the pond. This part is included as a bonus. Also included is another new invention by Qua-Fiki - a Sticky-Note Prediction Pad. Of course, the e-Book contains all card templates so you can print out the necessary cards in regular playing card sizes or large sizes, and a regular card box.



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